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What is observe4success?

observe4success is a fully customizable, web-based software tool for classroom observations & walkthroughs, teacher evaluation, coaching, and mentoring.


How observe4success works

1 Build Forms

Have paper forms you love? We can build them in to the system for you for free. Want to create something completely new? Our easy form builder will walk you through the steps. Curious what other schools around the country are using? Check out our form gallery to view and use specialized forms from other observe4success schools. Or use a combination of our options to create your own perfect solution. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you set up your observe4success system (and we'll be here to help every step of the way)!

2 Get In The Classroom

observe4success is web-based teacher evaluation software, so take your tablet, laptop, smartphone, or just about any web-enabled device and get into the classroom. Use the classroom observation form you have built to record meaningful data about classroom performance.

3 Send Feedback

Slow feedback is the worst! Eliminate the worry by sending your teacher an email before you leave the classroom. They can review the classroom observation or teacher evaluation data and you both can be prepared for a follow-up chat.

4 Identify Trends

What happens often? What doesn’t happen much? Are these strengths or areas in need of improvement? It’s up to you and your staff to decide through open, honest dialogue. Your classroom walkthrough data will be automatically graphed to show trends, making your conversations more productive. And best of all, you can see if the things you are doing to try to improve specific areas are working or if they need to be tweaked.

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