Success Stories

"The role of the principal has elevated from merely being managers to being instructional leaders. The characteristics that instructional leaders demonstrate has also evolved from just conducting evaluations during set points in the year to engaging in instruction and feedback on strong instructional practices on a routine basis. Central to this daily focus on instructional interaction is classroom visits. With the heightened interest and importance of this element of instructional leadership, the gap that observe4success has filled for my network of Principals is providing a digital platform to easily record visits, seamlessly document evidence, and effortless triangulate the themes to determine supports needed building-wide. The platform is adaptable and able to be constructed in a format that is tailored to the individual Principal’s needs. This is a major plus when you think of the fluid world Principals operate in. Principals want tools that are equally adaptable to their changing landscape.

While the system is great, the customer service is equally impressive. You feel like you’re their only customer because they thoughtfully meet you where you are at. It feels more personal than business. Given that we, as educators are in the people business, this matters, because relationships matter to us and their approach to the work demonstrates alignment to this belief.

From a financial position, the cost is marginal compared to the impact of the work. In fact, it’s the best price point I have seen and I have done business with a few. Please do yourself a favor and partner with a company who knows the work and respects the work of a Principal."

- Trent Mosley
Chief of Engagement, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

"observe4success has been an incredible tool for staff observation and feedback! We have been able to individualize each evaluation form to meet our needs from brief walkthroughs to full evaluations. There are different evaluations for each educational role. It is easy to use, efficient and supports our unique evaluation system. It is also simple to run reports, email staff feedback and organize the feedback year after year. The technical support has been responsive, personalized, friendly, and professional. Thank you observe4success! "

- Kristi Cole, Ph.D.
Chief Operations Officer, Milwaukee College Prep

"observe4success supports principals and teachers to focus on improving instruction and feedback. The system is completely customizable, very easy to use and allows principals to provide timely feedback individually as well as by grade or building level. Their team has been responsive, supportive and a true partner. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from principals we have expanded from 24 to 36 schools using o4s this year. It’s a game changer!"

- Christa Erolin
Director Elementary Education, Tacoma Public Schools

"As an elementary school principal, observe4success has played a vital role in fulfilling my administrative duties. By using observe4success, I have the ability to enter and observe a classroom setting while instantly providing the faculty and/or staff member with constructive feedback. It is truly a practical tool that invests in the professional development of my teachers and provides results for my school."

- Dr. Rebecca Valdes
Principal Grades 3-5, The Charter School at Waterstone

"After a comprehensive search for an online teacher observation tool that would meet all of our needs, observe4success stood out as the easiest to use without being too simplistic. With the ability to create unique forms, communicate quickly and effectively about instructional practices, and analyze data at multiple levels - all with excellent service - O4S is a true partner in the transformation and growth of our school."

- Sari Weltman
Assistant Director of Curriculum & Instruction, American Heritage School

"observe4success has been a great tool for the teachers and administrators. The teachers get immediate feedback on their observation. The administrators can use the information to debrief with the teachers, offer support and track progress. It helps the observer also stay focused on the specifics for each indicator depending on the evaluation tool being used. Serves as an archiving system as well for all teachers and their evaluations. A variety of different forms and checklists can be maintained for easy access when walking throughout classrooms, making it accessible and easy to use."

- Aimee Leyva
Principal, Everglades Preparatory Academy

"Your search has ended! observe4success has created an evaluation tool that provides a comprehensive view of teacher performance. Ease of use, clear criteria, streamlined process are only a few of the features which make this instrument the perfect evaluation tool for any administrator. Teachers consider this instrument to be extremely valuable as it has the capability to offer immediate feedback."

- Cynthia A. Trevino-Aversa
Director, Indian River Charter High School

"observe4success has made a great change to the process and efficiency of our FCPCS teacher evaluation system. The system allows us to give real-time, direct feedback to instructional personnel that they can implement right away in their teaching strategies. Additionally, everyone at observe4success is a pleasure to work with. They are responsive to requests and put the customer first in all they do."

- Terence Devine
Assistant Principal, Manatee School For the Arts

"observe4success was so easy to customize for our unique needs. Within one day of purchasing the program we were up and running. The support we received was immediate for any questions. We are a "focus" school and this is giving the exact feedback to the teachers that the state expects. I enjoy spending more time in the classrooms and having deeper, on-going conversations with teachers about instruction."

- Whitney Perro
Director of Special Services, New Milford School District

"observe4success is a user friendly application that gives us the ability to evaluate faculty more efficiently and effectively. We have received excellent response from support, and the staff has been friendly and helpful. observe4success fully meets our needs and we are pleased so far."

- Chris Rock
Principal, Imagine South Vero

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